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ExtraEssay - Greatest Homework or Coursework Writing Service

ExtraEssay is a premier Homework or Coursework writing service that stands out among its competitors. With a focus on providing top-quality content, we ensure that our clients receive only the best from our team of highly skilled and experienced writers.

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EssayPro - Excellent Homework or Coursework Writer!

At EssayPro, we take pride in being a leading provider of professional Homework or Coursework writing services. Our team of expert writers possesses the knowledge and expertise to produce top-quality Homework or Coursework that meet the highest academic standards.

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PaperHelp #3 Homework or Coursework Writing Service

In the realm of academic writing, PaperHelp stands as the top-ranked service for Homework or Coursework. So if you need help with your next term paper or research paper, choose PaperHelp for guaranteed success.

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Grademiners - Good Homework or Coursework Writers

Our services cover a wide range of subjects, ensuring that we can meet the needs of any student seeking assistance with their Homework or Coursework. When it comes to research paper writing, you can rely on Grademiners to provide the best service available. Choose us for good Homework or Coursework writers and achieve your academic goals.

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Studdit - Professional Homework or Coursework Writing Service

Studdit is a leading professional Homework or Coursework writing service that provides expert assistance to students in need. Our team of skilled writers is committed to delivering high-quality content that meets the most stringent academic standards.

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MyAdmissionsEssays - Expert Homework or Coursework Writing And Editing Service

MyAdmissionsEssays is an expert Homework or Coursework writing and editing service that specializes in providing high-quality academic support to students. Choose us for expert Homework or Coursework writing and editing services and achieve the academic success you deserve.

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EssayService - Homework or Coursework Writing Service

EssayService is a professional Homework or Coursework writing service that provides expert assistance to students in need of academic support. Our team of skilled writers is committed to delivering high-quality content that meets the most stringent academic standards.

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Best Nursing Homework or Coursework Writing Service


Professional Nursing Homework or Coursework Writing Service

At our professional nursing Homework or Coursework writing service, we understand the unique demands of the nursing field and are dedicated to providing top-quality writing services to nursing students. Our team of experienced writers is highly skilled in crafting professional nursing Homework or Coursework that meet the highest academic standards.

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Editing Dissertations - Greatest Essay Services - Top Rated Essay and Dissertation Writing Services

Jennifer E. Cook

Jennifer Cook has worked well over 1,000 PhD students as well as hundreds of magazine articles and reports, books and more. She has been specializing in the APA style for 20 years (now in the 7th edition). Jennifer has worked with students and professors on papers, theses, books and dissertations. It is known for the personal service. More than just a copying, your expertise includes organization, methodology and writing. She often acts as a coach for students finishing dissertations. It directs the editor of the University Council for Education Management (UCEA) Newsletter, the ucea review and edited the UCEA manual of research on leadership education . Your customers have integrated the University of Texas, the educational examination service (ETS), Prentice Hall, SEDL and the nature reserves. Jennifer is a US presidential story with a degree in English and Mathematics of the University of Texas. She lives in Austin, Texas and supports customers around the world.

Services & pricing

i guarantee that my work APA follows. I charge the hour and not on the page as the services vary depending on the document. It is fairer and cheaper for the customer. My rate includes setting the entire document in the APA format. Checking references quoted against those in the reference list; Checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation; Processing of clarity; and create the table of contents. Some documents require significant processing for content or organization. Some need help with the methodology. Tables have to be reformatted. All dissertations must also be formatted according to the university's special guidelines (same for many magazine items). I do all these things.

Currently I calculate $ 70 per hour for most machining, and a typical speed rate is 7 pages per hour. I give conservative, outside, worst case estimates. Note that for some universities (eg Nova Southeast, Walden, Capella) the typical estimated rate is slower (6 pages per hour), as much more is involved. If you are with Nova Southeast, click here: Nova students.

Look at my certificates. Last:

"Jennifer Ellen Cook is a master of APA style and knows its way around a dissertation. She is a pleasure to work with the turnaround time impressive. If you need help with your writing, or just someone I recommend you to edit your paper, I recommend Jennifer Cook. I have passed my format about the first submission of my dissertation. Thank you from below. " Dr. Bret Ginsberg

"Thank you for helping me out my promotion. Your work is exceptionally perfect." Dr. Annette Oswald.

Why do some editors charge $ 40 / hour, and around $ 75 of US dollars? I calculated less than I was less experienced. . . and worked slowly. Now I have internalized APA style and works faster. I have found that redactors with low know-how with Word last longer. I have a background in desktop publishing. Nobody does apa tables like Editorjen! I can also help fix your methodology and organization. I will not only add commas!

Make sure that you get this APA warranty from any editor you choose. Of course, no one can guarantee that your professor may like the product or that your article is published. See Note 6 in the following section. The heart-headed part of my job is the processing of works that was previously "edited" by someone who took money and made a much job. Choose the first time carefully. Remember: "If you think a specialist is expensive, you can set an amateur."


1. You will send me your document (b) your deadlines and (c) all other guidelines by e-mail (a). . Alternatively: . Note: I do not put anyone on the calendar until I am ready to be edited a Doc. I do not book in advance, in other words.At certain times I have also booked for weeks. I get daily inquiries. If you work on a dissertation, it is worthwhile to get to my calendar with your first three chapters (before or after approval) while you're done.

2. I answer with a conservative, worst case estimate, based on the number of pages. Note that the actual costs are hourly.

3. If you agree, pay half of the estimate in the form of a down payment. This makes our e-mail correspondence a binding contract that you have read this page and understand the conditions. It also puts you on my calendar. This deposit is not illuminated and goes up to your final costs. (If you make a deposit, reserve my time, and thus I refused other customers.) You can pay via PayPal, a secure website that accepts credit cards. You do not even have to sign up for PayPal. I can send you a specific link. Alternative payment methods can be acceptable, eg. B. money orders, although they can slow down the process.

4. I work on the document. There can be something back and forth. I send you a link for the balance.

5. After the payment I send you the completed work. Normally, clients send two documents: (a) a PDF with the changes marked by Word Lane Change Functions, and (b) a clean, completed Word document. They ask questions they have. A second round may be required if you need to add information.

6. I guarantee my work hits apa. However, if you change something or your professor, however, I have to edit the changes to maintain this warranty. The spot processing takes place in the hourly rate, so you get some additional fees. Please note that most professors are not APA experts. I am here to answer questions. I do not give reimbursements.

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